Gravitational radiation

my appearance is your canvas
your quirks are your brush
imperfections caused through decay

all your wildness does not need to be tamed
no need for acceptance
the positive feedback
there are no norms anymore

all your wildness does not need to be tamed
there is no acceptance
there is nothing present
only incineration we must face

How to understand your devastation
How to make paths through something I still not recognize
…I can only follow your tides of madness

I travel along, no more defined by time
No more now or before
I am on the spot, transforming within the real

what were once possibilities is now faded
gravitational radiation
gravitational radiation
a new orbit has started

Washmountain 2 / Together in my freezer (2:36')
(video: Rosa Menkman, music: Extraboy, 2009)
Result of the use of Quicktime 7 pro. I exported Washmountain to .avi (Cinepak 256 grays, least quality). The result was this mad color surprise.

15-04'10 – Screening of Together in my Freezer @ Critical Glitch Artware / Notacon / Blockparty, Cleveland, Ohio US.
09-11'09 – Screening of Together in my Freezer @ Eye&Ear Clinic, Chicago, US.

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