██ Demolish the eerie ▼oid (1:02')
(video: Rosa Menkman, Music: Extraboy, 2010)
Extraboy used a rain vst, PIPPO vst and C64 noise to compose a complimentary soundscape.

████ Infinitely pliable, yet holding shape
In "Demolish the eerie ▼oid" I exploit macroblocking, by opening a DV file in texteditor and playing around with the code.
What became clear to me is that multiple things can happen – and I am not sure (yet) what pieces of code trigger what results. In one of the first tries I encountered some quite mystifying, but nice new organizations of color (chrominance) structures. The matrix of macroblocks is still completely intact but the chrominance values are very off.

More background theory to this project here

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