Compress Process (3:28')
(video: Rosa Menkman, music: Extraboy, 2009)

The whole video is created with one and the same skype video recording; its basically a selfportrait of me jumping around.
This video was successively compressed in three different (glitchy) ways. The first compression made the colors of the video unstable. In windows, the colors changed to black and white while on the mac, the video still had color. It also became pixelated (0'27-0'35).
The second compression made the video bleed. You can see what I mean with bleeding from 0'37 to 1'17. These are basically the more messed up parts of the video.
The third compression made the video very grainy, (for instance, from 2'50-3'06). Instead of playing frame by frame, the video seems to make collages of itself by putting layers triggered by the sound on top of eachother. A very weird compression mode that I also exploited in To Smell and Taste Black Matter (only seems to work when you add .wav sound to the video and compress with animation codec set on least quality).
The only filter I used was a contrast filter and a filter for keying some whites out. I also edited the video to the music.
Extraboy made the music for the video. The beginning of the song is consists of a speech synthesis fighting for room with a song composed of text and exe-data. All performed on the Amiga. Gradually this sound gets highly compressed, and at the same time the (g)rainy sounds of a malfunctioning VST enters. That is followed by a new version of the song that was recorded in the original skype video.

15-04'10 – Screening of Together in my Freezer @ Critical Glitch Artware / Notacon / Blockparty, Cleveland, Ohio US.

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