Performative fail (4:26')

(video: Rosa Menkman, 2008)
This video is made with the help of a collection of failing hard drive sounds, while the
video is a collage of failed pdf screengrap videos.
This was the first time I made a (kind of) music-video / sound-video all on my own.

Performative fail was screened / featured / on exhibition
04-'10 – Screening. Critical Glitch Artware / Notacon / Blockparty, Cleveland, Ohio US.
-'09 – exhibited at The Persuit of Failure: the rejects (online)
-'09screening at the Glitch Night @ UCF Cinematheque. Florida, US.
-'09 – featured at Rhizome by Ceci Moss.
– featured at Vagueterrain by Greg J. Smith

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